Suicide Prevention people are Overly Obsessive Creepy and Stalker like with their Suicide Prevention Fixation

  • We all wish that the Suicide Prevention people would give it a rest already

    . . . Studies have shown that Suicide Prevention Does Not Work, It Never did and it Never will, It Only Leads to even More Suicides and Eventual Suicides,
    Literally every single day, Every single day online more and more Pathetic Suicide Prevention articles appear, It's so Creepy,
    Why must Suffering Mentally ill and other suffering people be Forced to "Live" in Misery Against their will, Against their Will, At all costs to suffer even more, And be slaves to lives of suffering

  • I'm Biased, But. . .

    Obviously I'm biased as I am diagnosed with mental illnesses and am suicidal, But tell me you don't cringe when your school sits everyone down in the cafeteria and makes you all watch a shitty slideshow presentation about what they think today's teens struggle with and why they're dropping like flies. I'm sure these people really do want to help but I don't think this is the right way to go about it. I don't even know if there is a right way of preventing suicide, Nor do I think all suicides need to be prevented. Suicide is a personal thing. People kill themselves for all sorts of reasons, Some "better" than others. I think there's too many of the suicide prevention folks that only do it to feel better about themselves. The ones that like to share the cute pastel posts to their Instagram story and go off to bully you for very clear symptoms of mental illness. Suicide prevention is a trend now.

  • I work in the field of psychology and I completely disagree with this.

    And I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder when I was a teenager so I am not just speaking from a professional stand point. People with MDD or even any kind of depressive disorder or other mental health issue that leads to suicidal ideation HAVE to be taken seriously. Common techniques of cognitive therapy called Rational-Emotive Therapy involve challenging beliefs including ones such as this. People with mental health issues think that people that are concerned for their well-being are being "overly stalkish or obsessive". When in fact, That is complete BS. Suicide prevention works a lot more than one will think if one targets the actual issue. That would be one of many things, But getting personal (like in cognitive thinking) and challenging the beliefs, Yes, It requires a lot of time and effort, But that does not make it creepy or stalky. I think it's quite ironic that people in the other side of this debate are being very biased, One sided and judgmental when they are in fact accusing people working in metnal health of doing the same thing. The suicide prevention line helped me when I was at my lowest, It gave me someone to vent to and saved me many times.

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