Summer Blockbusters: Is going to the movies as popular as it was twenty years ago?

  • It is just as popular or even moreso

    In recent years, we have seen a number of movies move to the top of the all time revenue lists even when adjusted for inflation. Every year there are 10-12 huge tent pole movies that make a tremendous amount of money. I don't know how someone can look at these sort of statistics and arrive at any conclusion besides movie going still being incredibly popular.

  • Not as much fun as it used to be

    Honestly I'd rather find something else to do on a date than go see a movie. It's horribly over priced and sure it's fun to see a movie, but I can go to dinner and do something else for the same cost as going to the movies. Not to mention, why can Cumberland Farms sell a slushy for 89 cents, but the movies have to charge 4 dollars or more? Honestly it's a waste of money if you ask me.

  • It Is Steadily Declining.

    The problem is all to familiar as a result of how things work. Money is everything and everything costs money...A lot of money. There comes a time when businesses increase prices because people are willing to pay it, however with that, comes a time when the price is far more than the product worth...Resulting in a steady decline in sales until the price drops to a worthy amount. Another reason for the decline in going to the movies is the huge increase in media such as Netflix, Hulu and the countless sites that allow users to watch the latest hits for nothing but the costs of internet access. Another smaller weight in the shift in theater ticket sales is the massive amount of movie review sites, Youtube comments and social media websites that allow people to judge first hand whether or not a movie is worth paying to see in theaters.

  • No, going to the movies isn't an every Saturday night event as it was 20 years ago.

    Twenty years ago, circa 1994, people went to the movies on Saturday nights in June and July because it simply was an attractive activity. There wasn't anything good on TV and it was too hot to be outside and you couldn't take the kids to a bar -- so the family piled into the car to see a movie. Now, you can stream almost any type of movie or show you want to your big screen and you might only have to wait 6 months to see that big event blockbuster movie -- and only pay a fraction of what you would at a movie theater. You even save by making your own popcorn! While there still are some movies, things like event sequels, that have people waiting in line at the theater I feel that these are becoming fewer and fewer.

  • No, going to the movies is not as popular as it was twenty years ago.

    I believe that going to the movies is not as popular as it was twenty years ago. The problem is that today there are so many ways to see movies. You can rent them, stream them over the Internet, etc., so people don't need to go anywhere to see movies. I think the expense of going to movies (tickets, popcorn, etc.) makes them less popular today.

  • No going to the movies is not as popular.

    No, I do not think going to the movies is as popular as it was years ago. Although it is still fun to do from time to time, I much prefer being in the comfort of my own home and renting a movie. Theaters are so expensive for the tickets. You can just wait a couple months and rent the same movie from redbox for a little over a dollar instead of paying ten bucks for the ticket.

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