• Yes, Americans would prefer a secure border.

    Americans, though living in a land of immigration, would like a safe environment, rather than one populated by illegal immigrants who may turn out to be dangerous, and involved in serious crimes. There is also the issue of immigrants taking precious jobs that Americans desperately need in the modern state of the economy. Secure borders would promote a greater sense of relief in all Americans.

  • Yes, Americans want a secure border.

    Yes, Americans want a secure border. The problem of people illegally crossing the border and entering the US is out of control and Americans are very tired of the lack of border control. The US cannot take care of any more people than currently reside there and must work harder to secure the border.

  • Yes, I feel that most Americans do want a secure, controlled border.

    I think that most Americans not only support the US having a secure border but are also in favor of strict immigration laws for those who would try to cross the border illegally. While reform to our current immigration policies is definitely overdue, I feel that most Americans realize the importance of the rule of law and the dangers associated with having an open border in the post 9/11 world.

  • Americans want a secure border, but are at odds on how to go about it.

    Americans want a secure border because of the stress that illegal immigrants place on the economy and country, but they are at odds on how to go about it. There are currently unaccompanied minors coming across the Mexican border alone, having no idea what will happen when they arrive. Their parents are so desperate to give them a better life, they send them alone, in search of a future. Most Americans have compassion for these children, but at the same time, they do not believe there should be no consequences for those who cross the border illegally.

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