Summer Olympics are the lowest-rated Olympic Games since 2000: What is the most likely reason for the low ratings this year?

  • Streaming devices and horrible coverage

    Having watch the Olympics this year I found that I was extremely disappointed. The coverage was horrible, take for example a featured event like Gymnastics, this even was left for the very end of what was called prime time coverage, although it went till all hours of the night. The reason is that the network wrongly though keep it till the end and people will stay wrong. All we did was go to our online devices to stream the even, so what were they really accomplishing here, not much and certainly not keeping viewers on their coverage.

  • Not enough drama

    While I love the United States and rooting for our teams, we are almost too good. No other country even stood a chance in basketball, and many of our other teams are just too dominant. At some point watching the US win over and over again gets boring, and we need more competition.

  • Yes, Summer Olympics are the lowest-rated Olympic Games since 2000.

    Yes, Summer Olympics are the lowest-rated Olympic Games since 2000. A likely reason for this is that many people do not enjoy the Summer Games. It is possible that gymnastics, swimming, pole vaulting, and other sports aren't very exciting. In the winter, people perhaps enjoy bobsled racing and skiing more.

  • Blame it on Facebook.

    People are most likely doing other things. They are not at home watching television, and even the ones who are at home are probably watching ridiculous reality shows or some such. The other portion of society is most likely on Facebook and cannot find a way to depart from it.

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