Summer storms sweep the Midwest: Do you like a good summer thunderstorm?

  • Every now and then

    As a Midwesterner, I grew up with the summer thunderstorm, and every now and then, I like a summer storm. However, what's been happening lately goes way beyond that. Not sure if it's global warming or something else, but the weather patterns are more severe and bring much more damage than those I was used to as a child.

  • Yes, summer thunderstorms are enjoyable.

    Summer thunderstorms are very enjoyable as a relief from the drier months that came previously. Thunderstorms are calming and relaxing, even through the loud booming and tension that seems to be created over them in the media. Thunderstorms are necessary and should be enjoyed for their plentiful rain and atmosphere.

  • Yes, a good summer thunderstorm reminds reminds me to apprciate the good weather

    Yes, I like a good summer thunderstorm. If there was never a thunderstorm or other tumultuous weather to interrupt the "good" weather we would never have anything to compare the good weather too and, thus, not be aware of how fortunate we are to have it. Summer thunderstorms are not good of themselves but, in conjunction with other weather, are spectacles to be appreciated.

  • No, I do not like a good thunderstorm.

    No, I do not like a good thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can do a lot of damage as well as frighten people. It is dangerous to be outside during a thunderstorm. I do not like the noise and violent nature of thunderstorms and would rather just enjoy a nice gentle rain storm.

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