Summer Zervos sues Trump for defamatory statements after accusations of sexual advances. Does she have a good case?

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  • No, Zevros doesn't have the right to sue to abridge Trump's First Amendment right to free speech.

    It's easy enough for women to take potshots at Trump, who's known to be outspoken and something of a party animal who likes the company of beautiful women. Dirty politics includes the sexual remark timed to elicit negative and often profane comments in public. Now that Trump is a public official, expect to see more such claims made in the media without sufficient verification.

  • He has a right to defend himself.

    Trump doesn't just have to put up with things that people say about him. When people make false allegations against him, he shouldn't have to just sit there and take it. You should have the ability to defend yourself when someone accuses you of things you think are untrue. That's all Trump is doing.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    She claims he assaulted her. Trump says he didn’t do it. She sues him for denying her allegation? I dont think that’s rally what defamation suits are for. In fact, he would have more of a case against her. Denying an allegation is hardly defamation. It’s not like he was saying shes a horrible business owner or did criminal acts, etc. This sounds like a publicity stunt and shake down to me.

  • Summer Zervos' case against Trump seems questionable.

    The timing on these allegations seems suspicious. If she was sexually assaulted by Trump while on The Apprentice, why didn't she say something then. Waiting until right before his inauguration seems a little strange. Regarding the defamation of character issue, this seems a little odd as well. The best way to find out if she is serious or not is to see if she follows through with her court case.

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