Summer Zervos sues Trump for defamatory statements. Do you think Republicans regret setting the precedent with Clinton?

  • Secretly I believe so

    I really do believe that, deep down, many Republicans are kicking themselves for letting Trump get this far. They simply didn't want Clinton, no matter what it took, and they were really willing to risk our country by getting Trump elected. As time goes on and more and more scandals and issues come about regarding Trump, I think these Republicans are wishing they hadn't pushed so hard, and are most likely secretly wishing they had Hillary right now.

  • Yes, Republicans probably regret setting this precedent with Clinton.

    With the Republicans big push to out former-president Clinton's sexual transgressions, they set a strong precedent that sexual assault, sexual misconduct and defamation are not to be tolerated from anyone, including the president. Now that this is affecting Donald Trump just as he makes his way into the highest office of the land, I'm sure Republicans are regretting calling so much attention to it.

  • No, they don't regret it.

    Republican opposition to President Clinton was fierce, and many times it was called for as well. Clinton often refused to follow the letter of the law while in office. He was also known to lash out at critics, often making up false statements about them. Anytime someone is smeared by a knowingly false statement, that person has the right to sue for defamation.

  • Republicans shouldn't regret the Clinton precedent.

    Every citizen should have the right to speak out regardless of who they are speaking out against. Everyone should have the right to their day in court to prove their case or defend themselves, as well. The truth needs to be known whether you are President of the United States of just an ordinary citizen.

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