Sunday's Democratic Debate: Do you agree that Bernie Sanders outperformed Hilary Clinton?

  • Feel The Bern Hilary

    Yes! Bernie Sanders outperforms Hilary every single time for one reason and one reason only. He truly believes in what he is saying and actively wants to change our nation for the better. Hilary is a known liar and I don't think she will be able to bring the change that we need to the government. Bernie may be old, but he knows exactly what he needs to do to create a better nation for us.

  • Sanders is Definitely closing in.

    This is a man who tells it like it is, but unlike another Presidential Candidate on the GOP side whom shall remain nameless he does so without being offensive. Sanders held his own with Clinton which isn't easy because Hilary has more experience in the public eye. Because of this he stole the spot light during that debate, at least he did in my opinion.

  • Yes, I agree that Bernie Sanders outperformed Hilary Clinton.

    I believe that Bernie Sanders outperformed Hilary Clinton in the debate because he came across as a candidate who would be a stronger presidential leader as far as foreign polilcy is concerned. I think it is foreign policy and homeland security that is of the most importance to the American people.

  • He took this round.

    Bernie Sanders definitely won this round of the debate. He was forceful and he was powerful. His message resonates with a lot of people. The media is starting to pay more attention to Sanders. In some cases, the media is more forcefully attacking Sanders. But they wouldn't be doing so if Bernie didn't resonate. Hillary is typically a strong debater, but her increasingly aggressive pivot towards Sanders weakens her a bit.

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