• Hell Yeah Bish

    They keep you feeling cool and looking cool. Perfect accessory for a Cool Dad™ on the go, need to take little Johnny to soccer practice, but you can't find your sunglasses? No worries just slip on a sweet sun visor, grab the mini van and go! SUN VISORS FOR THE WIN!!!

  • Sun Visors are Cool

    What better way to keep the sun out of your face than a sun visor? You may say a hat is better, but does a hat also let you part your hair while wearing it? No, it does not. If a visor is good enough for Masters champion Bubba Watson, it's good enough for me.

  • HELL NO!!! Sad!!

    Sun visors are worn by poker dealers. The government and classic movies have depicted poker as "good" and "fun." But gambling is a sin. Sin rhymes with sun. Boom. Sun visors are the devil's fruit. Anyone who takes a bite by placing a cursed sun shield over their head, is being monitored by Obamacare.

  • Honestly it's half a hat

    As George Carlin basically said. It's goofy looking. A real cap is great. I don't like seeing a visor and the top of someone's head. It's just goofy looking and bizarre. A real baseball shaped cap is cool! Down with that,, but please don't buy half a hat (as Carlin called it once).

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