Super Radio Gets 16,000 Stations: Did video really kill the radio star?

  • Radio is on the way out

    With the advances in technology, the older versions seem to slowly fade away. Today's radio stations are still listened to, but not by nearly as many people as they were even 10 years ago. Satellite radio and of course streaming stations such as Pandora are contributing to the decline of radio.

  • It used to be more popular.

    Yes, video really did kill the radio star, because the radio used to be the place where we went to listen to all the new music. Today, a person can't be popular if they don't look good on television as well. There are still a few radio stars, but only day-time political talk shows. The real stars are on television today.


    No, it is only expanding the way we listen to music and different stations from around the net and the world. It is just improving the way things are being done in this world from now on. It put it into one area from now on. Where you don't have to be searching for it all.

  • Music is popular

    In todays society music is as popular as ever, including the radio. Think about it, every time you enter a car the radio is playing. With 16,000 channels to choose from its hard to belive that if they were not popular or profitable that the radio stations would still be in buisness.

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