• Yes, we have become too dependent.

    Many have become too dependent on antibiotics. This has led to the creation of superbugs - infections that are too powerful to be treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, this resistance to antibiotics could be deadly for those that cannot combat the illnesses brought on by superbugs. We need to prescribe fewer antibiotics when treating illnesses.

  • Yep, this is major problem.

    As others have said, antibiotics are prescribed and used to frequently. This isn't the only problem though. In countries where any poverty exists (all of them), people "save" antibiotics. When they don't finish their prescribed medication, they save it for another time when they get sick so they can save money. And not completing a round of antibiotics also leads to antibiotics-resistant bacteria.

    This is undoubtedly an issue that must be taught more in schools.

  • Yes, i think so.

    Antibiotics are not necessary in most cases, do not work against many of the infections and are fuelling hospital superbugs like MRSA, the NHS drugs rationing body...Doctors claim that they feel under pressure to issue a prescription because patients feel cheated or become angry if they leave the surgery without one.

  • Yes we have.

    Yes, we have become overly dependent on antibiotics. This medicine is phenomenal! It works to stop bacterial infections of all kinds, in a way that no other medicine can. But it's being overused, and this is leading to the development of new strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. It's important that we scale back on its use in order for this medicine to remain effective.

  • Used too often

    Unfortunately, antibiotics have been used far too often in treating illness. Some of the more old-school doctors have handed antibiotics out like candy, prescribing them for every little ailment. Sure, they work, but it won't stay that way. If we keep this trend, our 'bugs' will no longer be succeptible to the effects fo these medications, rendering them completely useless.

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