Superdelegates: Do superdelegates increase chances of Dem. victory in the general election?

  • Superdelegates increase chances of Democratic victory

    Superdelegates are a select political group that includes members of Congress, governors, members of the Democratic National Committee, past party officials, and former elected leaders like Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and their vice presidents, Al Gore and Walter F. Mondale. When the primary season does not settle the nomination fight and it turns into a hunt for individual delegates, it
    is conceivable that this group of politicians and party insiders could hold the balance in awarding the nomination.

  • Superdelegates Haven't Helped Before

    Although the use of superdelegates has increased sharply since the 1970's, the White House has transferred back and forth between the Republican and Democratic parties. The use of superdelegates hasn't secured Democratic victory before, so there is no reason to believe it will do so now. Rather, it is likely that the party will change as it seems to do because the party in power gets blamed for the problems of the country.

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