Supergirl cast recieve backlash after confirming Supercorp will not be happening anytime soon on the show? Was the backlash acceptable?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • Supergirl is straight and I believe the actress chooses to be straight because she is. Nothing can be forced.

    The fact here is, Supergirl is into guys. First she and Winn had puppy love, then she and James Olsen aka JImmy Olsen then she and Mon-El. They still have feelings for one another which is good. From what I observed, she and Lena are only good friends.If you have watched the Merlin tv show, people joked and shipped Merlin and Arthur together, when clearly Arthur is straight and belongs with Gwen while Merlin belongs with Freya, the Lady of the Lake and Gaius has his girlfriend. People also shipped Morgana aka played by Katie McGrath with Morgause, her half sister. It never happened, same with Merlin and Arthur. Some shipped Merlin and Morgana, did it work? Nope. If she had remained good, then maybe. Anyways, I just think Melissa is not comfortable with the idea of Supercorp and I repeat myself again, nothing can be forced. I am 100% straight and all I have said is the truth. I support those who are bi, gay, etc as well as heterosexuals/straight people, in fact I have friends who are different in their sexuality preferences. But when it comes to shipping characters, even if they are fictional, remember the actors/actresses have to be willing to. If not, you cannot force it to happen. I do not root for Supercorp, I root for Supergirl and Mon-El because they belong together.They may have had their complications, though it does not change the fact that they still care for one another. Mon-El was forced to leave due to the toxins released to drive away the other Daxamites who wanted to conquer earth. Those amongst them included Mon-El's parents who stopped at nothing to keep Mon-El and Supergirl apart. If they had been good parents, none of the bad stuff would have ever occurred at all.

  • Lets kick our gay fans and laugh.

    The way they all laughed at a segment of their fan base was stupid, especially the fanbase that helped them get a season 2. Gays have been ridiculed, beaten and laughed at for years on film and television and looks like it's going to continue into the future.
    You see all the comments coming out from straights, " don't be so sensitive, they were only joking or you can't say anything without somebody being upset ". These are the new catch cries of racist, homophobes and bigots, their go to phrases if you will.

  • Supergirl is straight and nothing can change a character that is meant to be who he or she is.

    Alex was created as Kara's sister and she ends up being lesbian which is fine. There needs to be a balance in relationships and not forced upon. Super-corp is not going to happen because I do not think Melissa is comfortable with it. Jordan spoke the truth so drop it.

  • It doesn't make sense.

    There already is lgbt representation on the show, to call someone homophobic because a ship doesn't happen is ridiculous. If it was a hetero ship it still wouldn't have happened most likely. People are just looking for a reason to get mad at controversial issues. If people are seriously upset about this, they are being ridiculous.

  • Such sensitive pussies!

    All the cast did was jokingly confirm that the crack ship Supercrap will never happen on the show and people got butthurt over that and called Jeremy Jordan homophobic. Bitch please! He would have said the same thing about a far fetched heterosexual relationship like Kara and Jo'nn. I'm sick and tired of the sensitive morons these days. You can be upset that your ship will never be canon, but throwing a hissy fit about it on twitter is utter nonsense!

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