• I think it should

    Wearable technology should be used to aid people with handicappeds paralysis blind and deaf being able to see in some forms lights shadows and deaf mutes talk and hear pitches of tones as assistance devices would be good for humanity not just trends to wear on your hands for profits

  • Yes, wearable technology has a future.

    With Apple talking about their watch coming out and Google also having one, wearable technology is going to become commonplace. Those technologies themselves are not a great leap forward because they are just hybrids: a clock with a tiny tablet on it. Eventually though, wearable technology will be used for all kinds of purposes.

  • yes the do

    If the technology works like it's supposed to it definitely will! People have been waiting for wearable technology and awesome futuristic stuff for decades. As long as the products actually do the things they say, and they continue to work on them to improve, i see no reason they don't.

  • wearing technology secure

    Yes I do think that wearable technology has a secure future. We are so obsessed with technology in our day to day lives. We use computers, phones, gps, and every thing in between. If we could wear our newest technology I would definitely see everyone wanting to use and purchase them.

  • Wearable technology is environmentally unsustainable and personally invasive.

    Wearable technology does not have a secure future. Companies like Google are pouring money into such products, but people worldwide will soon become disillusioned with this technology. The processes required to produce wearable technology take a harsh toll on the planet. Also, people will not want the intimate details that the wearable technology reads to be available publicly.

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