Superman: Red Son: Should Superman be presented as a Russian in American comic books?

  • He kind is

    On Earth 30 kal-l landed in a Russian Farm in the USSR then became a communist. (almost as bad as ultraman right) but anyway I thought it was an interesting idea and the only way to stop it would be to destroy earth 30 (if you don't know eath 30 is just another universe in the DC multiverse) or use a time machine. And superman is not shown as a russian in the most popular universe in recent comics ( most popular--i think is earth 0)But really it's up to you if you think DC comics should bring back a sort of old story and change the events with a time machine (if you don't think time travel is possible it might be possible in earth 30)

  • If you actually read the comic you'd know what your talking about.

    You see, this is what's called an elseworlds tale. The idea is that it's a "what if" where superman lands in communist russia. It's really nothing more than a thought experiment and and an interesting one at that. Also, russia flourished and superman still helped people throughout the world, he wasn't some stone hearted jerk just because he grew up in russia. No one is making superman Russian in the mainstream universe. Also, there are more examples of superman becoming a totalitarian dictator in the US than ANYWHERE so, that should say something.

  • No, he is a man of immense power, who decides to help everybody.

    What if Superman had landed in Soviet Russia instead of Smallville, Kansas? DC's "Elseworlds" series imagines an alternate take on the Superman story with "Comrade Superman" becoming ruler of Soviet Russia, slowly taking over the world while an independent America led by Lex Luthor fights against an increasingly unhinged and totalitarian-minded Man of Steel. Mark Millar has written no less than a masterpiece with "Superman: Red Son". We see the character of Superman evolve from an idealistic young man to new ruler to an increasingly isolated and intolerable megalomaniac who takes his god-like powers and status and tries to make the world into a utopia. Red Superman is at turns heroic and then more dark until he's a terrifying figure of absolute power taken to the limit.

  • No I do not think Superman should be presented as a Russian in American comic books

    Part of DC’s Elseworlds alternate-reality comics, Mark Millar’s Superman: Red Son has the Superman growing up in, and taking over, the Soviet Union. It features everything you’d expect from a story about Communist Superman, plus a few pleasant surprises. People in America may not be interested in watching him as Russian and they may not be interested in Communism too.

  • Superman Should Not Be Presented as Russian in American Comic Books

    Superman should not be presented as Russian in American comic books because Superman is not merely an American creation; he is an American creation of a superhero from an alien world. Therefore he has no country of origin that could be tied to our world of Earth. As a result, showing Superman as Russian would literally alienate readers.

  • NO, Superman should not be presented as a Russian

    No, Superman should not be presented as a Russian in American comic books. Because people all over the world are a fan of Superman, his country of origin should not be stressed. Superman should appeal to everyone across the world equally so that all children and even adults can enjoy it.

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