• I am a Dean fan, between the two.

    Supernatural is one of those great shows that tends to sucker you in with the plot and then get stuck in your brain with their great characters. Being a big fan of the show I have slowly fallen in love with Ddean and the actor that plays him. Sam is OK, too, just not as cool in my opinion.

  • Sam is my everything

    He's just a sweet bean who cares about his family and has WAY too much empathy. Sam wants to talk out his feelings and talk out problems where as Dean shoves that stuff away. Don't get me wrong, I love Dean, I just love Sam more. Sam is someone who will hold you while you cry and tell you everything will be alright whereas Dean will be the one to leave you in order to exact revenge. Both are done out of love, I'm just more of a comfort kinda gal.

  • I vote for Dean.

    Out of the two Winchester brothers on the television show
    supernatural, I would have to say that I like the character of Dean better than
    his brother Sam. One of the reasons for
    this is that according to the backstory of the series, Dean is the older
    brother, and has had to be a stronger character because of this.

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