Support or oppose the assassination of the Iranian general by Trump

Asked by: Cj116
  • Yes I support the killing of the Iranian General by our President Donald J Trump. 100%

    The killing of this evil murderer was not unprovoked. This man targeted, Killed and maimed members of our Military. He was threatening to attack and kill more if not stopped. To say that this was an unprovoked killing is ridiculous. Furthermore Obama was praised for ordering the killing of Bin Laden. The media branded Obama a hero. (chuckles) They hypocrisy is thick and disturbing.

  • Its about time

    This jerk was responsible for killing hundreds of Americans and someone finally had the guts to do something about it. We have been being ripped off for years and someone is finally not putting up with the other countries crap and now we are getting to where we once was as a world power.

  • Death to all of them.

    I hate all of them, So they must all die. Really, I cannot find any other reason. Well, I hate them because all Muslims want to take over the world. First, They are minority of a country, Perhaps refugees from another country.

    Then, They start demanding little rights like to allow them to practice religion or have mosques get built. Fine.

    However, As their population grow much faster than the natives of the country they "colonized, " they become the majority. This is possible since muslim men can marry up to 4 wives, Thus their population multiplies.

    Being the majority of that country, Muslims then can elect their muslim representatives who would impose sharia on all people. So either Sharia or death, Just like in Syria, Saudi or other muslim-dominated countries.

  • Kill all muslims

    I don't care about any muslim invader. They don't belong here or on the surface of this planet. Trump should nuke them and get it over with. And then send all niggers back to Africa where they belong. Slavery has ended, It's time you pack your shit and get back.

  • We need to show Iran we don't play around.

    What President Trump did was show Iran that we can take them out if we wanted to. He killed the Iranian General who is very protected and he killed him therefore we can take out Iran if we wanted to and that we don't play around with anybody who supports isis or any terrorist group.

  • It was unstrategic

    Because Iran is allied with Russia or China, Warring with Iran is essentially bullying a child of a very powerful person. We are not equipped for a war with Russia or China, And Russia and China are completely equipped to destroy a large city. For those who are on the west coast, Even Iran is equipped to destroy large cities like San Francisco. Even though it might be understandable for Americans to run the risk of losing San Francisco because they must protect the president, That still is abandoning at least a few hundred thousand people of the city of SF. There were other ways to deal with the Iranian general, And it is common knowledge that the CIA has spies on the inside of the Iranian government, So there are other ways to deal with a problematic. As another supporting argument, Think that Qassem Solemani was not even problematic person. He was allied with the U. S. On numerous different wars, And he was not poking the U. S. In the back. Therefore, There was no reason to assassinate a living, Breathing, Human other than as a show of force. Now billions of lives are risked in the threat of war just because of an incompetent president making bad decisions.

  • War mongers think we are invisible

    In case you are forgetting we cannot afford to go to war against Russia and China. Mutual assured destruction. We have no technology to deal with super sonic missiles that Russia recently developed. Or a bio weapon. Tank busters and multiple ordinance weapons.

    Yes we can beat Iran but we don't know what will happen if Russia or China want to join in. Go risk your life if you want but leave the population of the USA alone.

  • There were other ways

    The cia has a lot options to discreetly deal with problematic people. It could have looked like an accident and no one could prove or blame an entire country. Why did he have to blurt it out and empower an entire nation?
    POTUS and his family have double and bunkers and will always be safe. Normal families will not be safe anymore. Any radical can do some harm and for reasons I will not say how easy it is or provide ideas. We may be mighty but we can still be hurt. (pearl habor 9/11)

    Everyone says how we won desert storm and Iraq was won but they ignore the costs and the lives that were paid. Even now the death tally of Americans in the Iraq war is being covered up. I know someone who was in the army and was in desert storm and they told me that the American death toll is wrong.
    Trump wants war. War mean money. Money means the industrial military complex will keep feeding.

  • We don't need another war

    What Trump did was against U. S. And international law. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost U. S. Taxpayers trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides. Iran would be more costly than both of those wars due to the size of Iran. The attack was unprovoked, And further raises tensions in the middle east. U. S. Presence in the middle east breeds more terrorists, And not to mention this guy was one of ISIS's top foes.

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