Suppose that we find proof that the "God Hypothesis" is man made? Do you believe that an invention as such was good for humankind?

Asked by: Zourida
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  • God is real, and if He wasn't, that lie wouldn't do anything.

    So first, I do believe in God. No. I know God. I know He's real. It's not just an idea I've been studying; it's my nature. But what if He wasn't real? Well, then, I suppose we would have no purpose. It wouldn't matter if we became great people, we wouldn't be affected after we die. If God didn't make us, we wouldn't love other people. We would only care about ourselves. If God didn't make us, we wouldn't care what's right and wrong, and really, that wouldn't mean anything. We wouldn't ever wonder about religion if God didn't make us. Here's why.

    Before we were born, we lived with God. He had a plan for us that would help us become better people. That involved having to forget everything we knew.

    But we didn't forget who we are.

    We lost everything we knew, but we didn't lose ourselves. I still have the same personality I had before I was born, but now I just added more to it. We still are the same people we were.

    It wasn't just something we knew, that God exists. It was part of us. It was our personality to believe in God and to know Him like our father. Because that is what He is. Our Father.

    We carried that with us, even though we forgot all the details. And if God didn't make it that way, crafting our souls with infinite precision, we wouldn't have all those things.

    We wouldn't long for eternity. We wouldn't weep at death. We wouldn't be able to get over loss. We wouldn't care about each other. Because why would we? If God didn't make us, then where would we have come from? The ground. The earth would have made us, and we would have all the desires and good qualities the earth wants us to have–nothing.

    Think, why do we seem to always want to believe in God, even when we don't believe in Him? It's impossible for us to answer, because we are limited human beings, and the answer is infinite. Only a God can know. That's why God had to have made us. Because I would not feel the things I have felt about Him if He didn't create me.

    So, if He didn't make us, nothing would be good for us, really. It wouldn't be good for us to even exist, because we would be lifeless, purposeless, meaningless matter, predestined to do nothing and amount to nothing and become nothing no matter what happens when we're alive. So really, if God didn't make us, nothing could be good for us. So no, a lie wouldn't be good for us of bad for us.

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