Suppose you are a homosexual being, and you belong to a religion that denounces your homosexuality. Should you leave your religion?

Asked by: kian_mardale
  • YES, but wait...

    Really, one should be asking questions to help them realize whether there is a deity or not. If one has the least intelligence, or soundness of mind, then one would likely not be associated with any religion upon finding the answer.

    So, be a gay Atheist, because in light of all the evidence, it's the moral choice to treat yourself with dignity and respect, and pass these qualities to others in turn... No ten commandments needed.

  • Leave Your Religion!

    It's not a religion that you should have, it's a faith and relationship with a God that loves you. Don't let hypocritical Christians persuade you into thinking your not good enough for them, because truth be told they probably got more sin then you do(Not that God measures sin) Not to say that i believe Homo-Sexuality is right, but i don't think that you should base your religion off what you want to do. For instance if i said i was christian and i loved to get drunk and be mean to people. Just because my religion doesn't fit what i like to do, I leave. If you left your faith just because there is something that you like to be or do that is more important than God it wasn't a real faith in the first place. I just went through a problem with my faith. It used to be built off laws and religion(good things if handled correctly, but aren't normally) and also built off the fact that my parents go to church so i'm a christian too. Make your RELIGION( a second hand faith) a first hand relation ship and faith in Jesus Christ. May the peace of Christ be with you.

  • Why support an organization that is telling you that you'll receive infinite punishment.

    Christianity and many other religions teaches that the punishment for "sin" is eternal punishment in hell. Infinite punishment for finite crime is in morally wrong, no matter whether you give the authority to a person or a deity. Especially when it is over homosexuality, which is not a choice and isn't wrong in any way whatsoever.

  • Should implies an obligation or duty

    Since the word "should" implies obligation or duty, I suppose this question could be interpreted as "should you leave your religion because it denounces homosexuality"? And the answer to that would depend on whether you think denouncing homosexuality is fair.
    If I was a homosexual, I would be aware that I couldn't change my orientation with any amount of willpower. I might struggle with my sexuality, and keep it hidden. And while I am in the closet, I might encounter hateful messages about homosexuals from my own religious community, which would cause resentment to both the religious community and God. I might reflect on why God would make me gay if he forbids it. I might also try to reflect on WHY homosexuality is a sin (without successfully finding out why). And after some thinking I would conclude that got isn't fair or logical in his judgement...Therefore he is imperfect...Or non-existant.
    Perhaps I might try to find another denomination that is closer to my beliefs, but there isn't so, after some time I would consider myself agnostic...But after some time, it would eventually accept that I am an atheist.

  • If they're not willing to change.

    It's one thing if they are willing to change, but they're not willing to change. You shouldn't keep them in your church unless there is further independent details about their situation which entitles them to more of a chance at being one with G-d. Everyone's situation is unique from others and some people do serve more help than others. This doesn't mean you are suppose to accept sin either. Now after doing everything you possibly can to help the individual (no change) , then have a sit down with them and explain why they can't be part of the church anymore. Tell them if they change their ways, they are more than welcome to come back. Until then, I'll be praying for you.

    This is the way a situation like this should be handled.

  • Absotively posilutely YES!

    You can't just let anyone judge who you are and say you are this or you are that. Things like this are part of your mind and body and soul, and you can't just rely on your beliefs alone.

    Here's another suggestion: If you want to belong to a group, but in turn you find out that they denounce one of your characteristics both superficially and/or internally, would you want to be in that group anymore?

    So please consider this response and let me know if you don't get it or if you disagree - please don't lash out on me; this is a fun debating webpage, not the insult alley.


  • We all sin

    If God never forgave anyone for their sins his kingdom of Heaven would practically be empty! People are constantly breaking the ten commandments so nobody is free of sin. Jesus loves everyone so I think their religion is open to all people who are willing to join and confess their sins to God. There are also churches that more accepting and tolerant of homosexuals than others so you don't have to leave your religion if you believe in it. Christianity is a branching religion of lot's of different interpretations of Gods will. The bible was written by man, not from heaven itself so it can't always be relied upon as a word for word heaven ticket.

  • Odd Question But...

    I wouldn't leave God. However, homosexuality is wrong in all ways, shapes, and forms. To be a religious homosexual is odd, but if you decide you are a homosexual, then you shouldn't leave God and the word of Jesus. I guess it is just me but I don't hate gays I just feel that they're wrong, very wrong people.

  • Everyone sins, being a homosexual is just another

    God sees all sins equally. The church makes it seem like a "Christian man" who beats his wife will have a better chance of getting into heaven over his homosexual neighbor down the street who volunteers at the homeless shelter and is faithful to his husband. Personally, I hate it when a church does hateful acts towards homosexuals. They make my religion look like a cult.

  • Obviously, You Aren't Practicing Your Faith!

    If your religion denounces homosexuality, it is attempting to teach you something based on the beliefs of that church and whatever Holy Book it uses, i.E. Bible, Torah, Quran, etc. You must decide if you believe, or don't, in that faith. Then, you must accept that your lifestyle is as your church describes it, i.E. A sin.

    Does any church actually accept homosexuality? I can't think of 1 faith that says the lifestyle is okay. There are churches who welcome the Gay community, with hopes of them eventually leaving the lifestyle. These churches see homosexuality as one of many sins mentioned in the Bible. Since human beings sin, in one way or another, they accept all sinners ... But that doesn't mean they think the sin is okay. Christ intervened to spare a prostitute from being stoned to death. He didn't say that he accepted her "profession". He told her, "... Go and sin no more." In other words, quit being a prostitute.

  • In case of Christianity

    I know that in Christianity Homosexuality is a sin, but Jesus loved the sinners, and so must we. We have all sinned, and while Homosexuality is bad, nobody should look down on you because you are gay. Jesus loved Mary Magdalene, a prostitute, and so, while Homosexuality is a definite sin, in Christianity Jesus still loves you. Don't leave because of it.

  • The comment by Pope Francis says it all.

    As a Catholic, I was pleased with the comment by Pope Francis that it is not our place to judge. Too many bishops and cardinals were getting hung up on the "gay" issue and abortion. I'm gay, and very anti-abortion. The Catholic Church has in the past been somewhat vocal on the subject of homosexuality, and not in a good way. We now have churches where they welcome gay parishioners. Though the Catholic Church has historically been anti-gay, they were nowhere near the extremist stand of the Westborough Baptist Church. Don't know if I spelled "Westborough" correctly or not, but close enough. I will never leave the Catholic Church, regardless of its stand. I do believe that we are born this way, and that it is NOT a choice.

  • Some need a crutch.

    Personally, I don't give a flying hoot if religious homosexuals are contradicting themselves or not. At the end of the day, no one really believes in the TEXT or the actual holy book. They believe in their God, or their prophet. It has nothing to do with what the God/Gods/Prophet condemns. Christians walk around in polyester and eat shrimp. Those that believe in Islam don't go around stoning people because their holy book told them to anymore (at least not in America). So, if some homosexual wants to look past the part about their holy book telling them they should all be murdered just because they want to have faith in a higher power, let them.

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