Supreme Court recognizes same-sex adoption rights in Alabama: Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children?

  • Research on the Side of Same-Sex Couples

    Research supports the argument that children raised in households with same-sex parents are as happy, healthy, and well-adjusted as those raised in households with opposite-sex parents. If a same-sex couple meets all of the stringent requirements of an adoption, their sexual orientation should not be the only thing to deny them the benefits of raising children; and it should not be the only thing to deny the children of the possibility of having a happy home with loving parents.

  • Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children.

    Same sex couples should be allowed to get married, have children, buy homes, and do all of the other things that any other loving couple in the world is allowed to do. Two people in a same sex marriage are every bit as capable of raising children well as a straight couple. They are just as capable of providing love, support, and financial stability.

  • Yes they should be

    Same sex marriage has been legalised. Same sex couple however will not be able to bear children biologically. They can get it only by changing the sex or they will be able to raise the children by adoption. In this scenario, it is better to allow them to adopt children.

  • Same-Sex couples should be alowed to be parents.

    There are an excess of children in the foster care system. Studies show that same-sex couple are more likely to adopt children who are older, have disabilities, or have a traumatic past. There is no shortage of children to adopt, so why not let a couple be happy, and a child?

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