Surrogate mothers: Is surrogacy an important means to parenthood for infertile couples?

  • Say yes to surrogacy

    Am currently doing an assignment on surrogacy and 110% agree on the grounds of how important surrogacy is for many couples! Having biological connections to a child is something many people dream of having and that isn't always as easy as you may like to think! No matter what form of surrogacy it may be, it is helping someone out there.

  • Yup, it`s important.

    You will get your own child and feel the maternity almost from the beginning. And even in case of donors (for both gametes) you`ll still fill the same.
    In case of adoption - in most cases it takes eternity for unknown result.
    Also it can take too much time just to choose a child, and you`ll definitely do that if you have such opportunity.

  • Surrogacy is really important for infertile couples

    Surrogacy is fulfilling for parents as well as the surrogate mother. For the parents, the feeling is a sense of completeness from a new family member. For the surrogate, the feeling is one of pride from having provided the parents with a baby. Every surrogate feels she makes a great deed making other family happy. In addition, I heard some women likes to experience pregnancy again and again, so surrogacy is beneficial not only for parents. As for me it's not an exploitation if a surrogate wants it

  • Surrogacy shouldn't be banned

    I can understand some points of view of people who are against surrogacy but not all. It seems like people are ready to judge everyone who is not like them. I'm sure that most of those who discuss this issue don't even faced infertility and I am happy about it, really. I know a woman who was aggressively against everything artificial but when she turned 36 she was diagnosed with awful disease so she wasn't allowed to carry a baby. And you know, she forgot all her beliefs and moved to surrogacy...Hard to be objective in this case. However, I believe that no one has right to decide for others

  • Surrogacy is very important!

    Surrogacy is very important to infertile couples. Most people have a desire to have children that are genetically their own. For whatever reason there are still people that do not believe adopted children would be their own. For these couples, surrogacy is sometimes the only chance they have at becoming parents.

  • No, there are other ways to have children than surrogacy.

    Personally, I feel there is another way to become a parent than to choose the sticky situation of surrogacy. Adoption is a lovely way to give a child a chance at life that they wouldn't have had otherwise. And while people often complain about the cost, adoption can be far less expensive than surrogacy, especially if the child is not a newborn. Most adoptions cost under $5,000, and they can even be free. Surrogacy is stressful for all involved, extremely costly, and it sadly doesn't guarantee the end result of a child.

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