Surrogate mothers: Should "a friend of the family" act as a surrogate mother?

  • I think they can act as a surrogate mother.

    I think that family or friends can and should be surrogate mothers if they are capable of handling the stress and turmoil that come with it. If a person can stand the pain and trials of being a surrogate I think they should be allowed to be, and since it is someone closely related they will still get to see the child they gave birth to, which if the can handle it, would be nice compared to a stranger giving birth. You also have more of chance to know their full background instead of intrusting a complete stranger to bring your future child into the world.

  • No, I believe the act of being a Surrogacy is a crime against nature.

    No, i do not believe that "a friend of the family" should act as a surrogate mother. I don't believe that surrogacy should be allowed in general. In my opinion surrogacy violates the rules of nature, and God. I would be inclined to think that this would be a potentially dangerous operation, and have biological, and spiritual affects on the child.

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