• The Right Player Won Survivor

    Natalie could be somewhat grating and annoying, but at least she attempted to play the game. She was pretty much done until she made her late moves, and in this cycle, that was enough. While it is hard to be surprised by moves in games like Survivor any more, she managed to pull it off. Natalie deserved to win season 29.

  • Yes, Natalie deserved to win season 29.

    Natalie deserved to win season 29 of Survivor. The mere fact that she did win proves that she deserved to win. Survivor is a game show. The person who plays the game best is the one who wins. She played the game best so she deserved to win this season.

  • In my view, yes.

    I am not a huge fan of the show "Survivor", but I did hear that Natalie won the most recent season, and I do think she was deserving. She appeared to be very committed (Not that the others were), loyal, and did exactly what she felt she had to do to win.

  • Yes, She Outwitted, Outlasted, and Outplayed!

    Natalie deserved to win because she mastered her strategy, and subsequently mastered the game. She was the only survivor to make any bold moves. First she became part of the power alliance, and then took down each member of that alliance.

    "She owned it," and nobody deserved to win it more.

  • Not in a million years..

    No she did not deserve to even be in final 3. In a season of unintelligent players..OK she had half a brain..But there were too many mistakes she made where anyone good would have cut her out...Forgetting who to write down??! Come on!! Keith or John more deserving but too dumb and trusting..

    Natalie really really bothered me..One of my least favorite players so maybe a bit biased

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