• Reality Shows Like Survivor Still Relevant

    With the saturation of reality television, Survivor still maintains its relevance amongst the plethora of other shows. Just based on the ratings, it is obvious that viewers love to see the everyday man and woman struggle with the menial tasks associated with island isolation. But it is more than that. Couch potatoes across the globe have always enjoyed a great one-on-one or team challenge, testing might and wit, all for a reward. So if you think Survivor will be following on American Idol's heels for the door, think again. Survivor has way more seasons under its belt and has proved its longevity.

  • They're Somewhat Relevant

    I've never been a real fan of reality TV, but I can say that I don't think that society is done with it. Moreso, I believe that the trend will continue towards reality but so much so, that it eventually spills over into smaller-time content creation channels gaining popularity. Watch for YouTube to be the main place to watch content in 5 years.

  • Survival always relevant

    Yes, reality shows like Survivor are still relevant. Viewers always like to get a look at the lives of others acting good, acting badly, showing emotions, and developing relationships. Adventure shows like Survivor have an added draw because they show competition and struggle. These two elements are timeless and will always be relevant.

  • Survivor is boring and worn out its welcome.

    Reality shows like survivor have become boring and uninteresting. The all seem so scripted to me. Reality TV in general has become predictable. There are very few real reality shows any more. All of them are based around ratings and sensationalism. Most have become a thing of the past. We have seen pretty much every idea they have and unless they come up with a new twist, I think they are fading into oblivion.

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