Suspected mosque attacker known as pro-Trump activist: is President Trump's rhetoric dangerous?

  • Very much so.

    Donald Trump is putting off vibes that we haven't seen since the days of Adolf Hitler. He has tapped into a level of hate that has been dormant for so long and now that the President is promoting such hate towards certain groups this gives the hate mongers validation to carry out their psychotic plans because people like Trump say it's okay to discriminate and fear certain groups.

  • Trump and his followers are dangerous.

    Trump's rhetoric is dangerous and evil. It has sparked some very dangerous people to do the unthinkable. These people are becoming the terrorist that America needs to fight. Otherwise we will see innocent people being killed just because they pray differently than we do. America will become another terrorist state if Trump is not stopped.

  • Yes, it is.

    Some of President Trump's rhetoric is dangerous. A few extreme followers have done some horrible things because they were inspired by Trump. These awful acts are certainly not Trump's direct fault; however, Trump's tough talk is sometimes used by unstable people to cite violent acts against innocent people. In short, President Trump should tone down some of his rhetoric.

  • He brings out hatred

    Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric is bringing out prejudice and hate in his followers. After Trump was elected, there have been several incidents in which Muslim women in America had their hijabs forcibly removed and browbeaten with words such as, "You're not welcome here now that Trump is President". That's inexcusable! And the worst part is Trump is doing nothing to quell these types of attacks. He needs to step in, adress his supporters/voters and say, "You need to stop this, this is not what America is about".

  • Yes, all words are dangerous.

    People often seem to be ignorant of the fact that all words, whether coming from the president or a homeless man, have tremendous power. The depth of power rhetoric has depends on the level of belief behind it and the mind and heart of the receiver. The suggestion is that Trump is turning people into violent attackers and praising the assault. The truth is that people make their own decisions and use people's words as an excuse for them to do what they want to do.

  • My opinion for this

    AS we all know that President Trump does not support Muslim's and he is against Muslim's and the mosque's that we have in U.S.A so i am with Muslims not every Muslims are terrorist i know there are some but that does not mean he can ban on them Trump need to understand that not only the muslim countries are terrorist European countries do also have terrorism in their countries and they don't even tell media and press because of they atre doing un fair if a christain kill a muslim they say its a hate crime they don't even case on them but when a Muslim kill christain they took very big action on them and that sucks.

  • Trump's choice of words is dangerous

    Trump has discriminated against Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, the disabled, among other groups with little repercussions. Because he discriminates and gets away with it, an increased amount of people will feel as if echoing and believing what he says is the way to go, this is known as mob mentality. Discriminatory words don't necessarily lead to discriminatory actions such as violence, but they do increase the chances of it. Therefore, probably, trump's rhetoric is dangerous.

  • Yes it is.

    Trump's rhetoric is very dangerous. He promotes nothing but hate. If one pro-Trump activist begins to start these hate crimes, what is to say that others will not to. Trump is showing us that it is somehow "okay" to single out a certain group and hate towards them when it is not. He is doing nothing but separating us and causing more crimes. Therefore, his rhetoric is very dangerous.

  • Trump's rhetoric visibly empowers violent nationalists.

    Since the rise of Donald Trump in America, hate crimes have noticeably increased. From the murder of Indian men in Kansas to the vandalism of black churches in the South, and many more hate crimes in which the perpetrator has said that they were emboldened by Trump's Alt-Right movement, it has become evident that his rhetoric is dangerous.

  • Trum's rhetoric is dangerous.

    With the election of Trump, I believe that his rhetoric will cause more and more attacks, discrimination, etc against minorities and people of color. Trump's rhetoric is going to make people more comfortable to commit hate crimes. When Obama was in office, I know that hate crimes obviously didn't disappear, but with a black president, I think that it kind of forced people to be more politically correct, in fear of being dubbed racist, or anything else. Now that Trump's discussion of hate crimes on minorities, or lack thereof, would specifically promote his supporters to do hasty things.

  • Blame the gunman, not his interests.

    Why is it that nobody holds these mass shooters accountable for their own actions? "Columbine was caused by Marilyn Manson" (neither Eric or Dylan were fans of him), "Call of Duty trained Adam Lanza", "Virginia Tech was caused by Collective Soul", "Jared Loughner was on medication", and now "Trump caused Alexandre Bissonnette to shoot up a mosque". Maybe mental illness is the reason they did it, or built up frustration and anger. People blame the person's known interests for some reason and not them. Did Trump buy him the gun? Did Trump pull the trigger for him? Did Trump plan it out for him? No, Trump didn't do these things, Alexandre Bissonnette did. Trump may say Islamaphobic things, but don't blame him for something he has no control over.

  • Since when is Trump president of Canada

    Let's blame Canada for what happens in Canada . Go to YouTube and type in Muslims in Europe to understand what dangerous rhetoric really is . How many more dead Americans do we have to scrape up off the streets before people finally think it's not bigoted hate speech to wanna stay alive .

  • The mosque was in Canada

    The mosque was in Quebec city in Canada nuff said

    except I need to add more words in order to post this is just me wasting words right now I need only a few more words from right here from here it is six words to be exact finished now

  • Who said he was a Trump supporter, the fake news?

    I'm not a Trump support, but speaking out against the fake news and the bs from people not thinking for themselves.
    There were a number of people and organizations he liked on his Facebook page, not just Donald Trump. Tom Hanks was on there. So was parti quebecois, which is about Quebec nationalism.

    It's not hard to see how the 'fake news' is adding to the problem. In there intense hatred of Trump, the fake news will twist and invent stories to make Trump look bad. Like the pool reporter who said Trump removed the Martin Luther King bust from the white house, when bust was simply moved to another spot.

    If that story wasn't corrected promptly, it would've caused racial tension for sure. Now they're trying to make it seem like Trump is inspiring his supporters to commit terrorist acts, or something like that. That's dangerous rhetoric, especially since this will likely be an isolated incident.

  • Trump has no rhetoric!

    That is what is so dangerous about Trump. He is unpredictable. He is just narcissistic and cares about himself. It is however not fair to attribute blame to Trump because it gives him too much credit. He is not some evil genius with a master plan because he is far too incompetent to be such a thing. This does not mean Trump hasn't said terrible things but with someone as unpredictable as Trump we can only judge his policies.

  • Sure his rhetoric may be dangerous but...

    So are the words and agendas of other political campaigners. Trump isn't the danger in this countries, its the media and the message they're pushing out to the youth and gullible. It's the media that has rekindle the fire of racism that was almost smoldering to ashes in this country.

    So the word of the media, whether that be the extreme or casual liberal or conservative, is still a danger to our world.

  • No; not really

    What people seem to forget is the fact that the majority of the terrorist attacks in America in the past +17 years have been carried out by Muslims. Or at least (as they should be called) Radicalized Islamic Terrorists; because the ordinary Islamic would not do such a thing. However it is too easy for someone in ISIS to pose as a refuge or just fly over and then commit an act of terrorism. It is not an act of hate. It is just something to prevent us from having another 9/11 or shooting in a public place; or Boston bombing.

  • This is ridiculous.

    For the last effing time, TRUMP IS NOT RACIST! He has minority supporters, he has minority friends, and he has promoted many minority employees! Liberals will do anything to bash Trump; it's gotten to the point where one can easily tell that they are extremely desperate. Liberals, please just stop it already.

  • Not at all

    I don't get how people seem to forget that most terror attacks on US soil have been carried out by radical muslims. Do people not remember the Boston Marathon Bombing? The San Bernardino shooting? What about the Pulse nightclub shooting? And if I remember correctly the the 9/11 world trade center attacks were carried out by radical muslims too. We need to ban travel from countries were radical Islam is common, I don't care who it offends.

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