Sustainable Architecture – Can architects bring the change with a responsible Urban Design Theory?

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  • Strongly support it

    When we speak of a sustainable building, we speak of a design philosophy which focuses on increasing the efficiency of those inestimable and treasured resources during a building's life-cycle and would try to co-exist with Earth in a balanced manner.

    We speak of a time when the rural areas are getting converted into cities and it’s our responsibility towards our generous Mother that we create an eco-friendly habitat giving a chance to flora and fauna to flourish.

    We speak about enhancing biodiversity.

    We speak about improving air and water quality.

    We speak about reducing waste streams and landfills.

    But how? What is this green building? What does it mean? What goes into its making? Why is it the need of the hour?

    Architects can play a pivotal role in building net zero energy housing and residential complexes. Creating Designs that meet the green building rating systems can be achieved by a thorough assessment of life-cycle of a building and calculating the costs behind it. Only a well-thought design can identify the challenge and draft a route map for efficient use of alternative and renewable sources of energy, minimized construction waste and a decreased transportation costs.

    What do we as humans, standing tall at the edge, gain from this?

    We gain survival, we give a chance to those priced trees to live, a branch to a bird to rest, flowers to blossom and we give a chance to this Terra firma to get wrapped again in its luxurious verdure!!

    Above all, we give a chance to ourselves!

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