• Yes, the United States should band drones with cameras.

    Yes, drones with cameras should be banned in the United States because they invade on people's privacy. There is no reason for people to have drones with cameras. Drones with cameras create dangerous situations for people. It's fine to have a drone to fly around, but there is no reason to have one with a camera. They should be against the law and there should be no questions about it.

  • Yes, it should

    Yes, because these drones have been misused many times for bad purposes. Why should common people use such drones? They could probably be used with some special permissions from court or police. If some journalist needs it, he should probably be allowed to use it if he proved that his intentions are not bad.

  • I agree that the U.S. should also ban drones with cameras.

    Drones with cameras in the general public should be banned. The possibility for so many illegal acts is too great to allow them to be legal in this country. Individual privacy could be violated and there is the risk of potential terrorist plots being planned with the use of drone cameras.

  • This serves no purpose but to limit peoples freedom of expression.

    Simply put laws in place to give people who have their privacy invaded by cameras in general some recourse whether they are attached to a drone or a selfie stick should not be a differentiating factor . Sweden is already in the process of rolling back the current ruling because even with their strict anti-surveillance laws where you can't even have a camera on the outside of your house or business they still realize the ruling was knee jerk and completely out of context.

    Someone in the yes section said drones have "been used many times for bad purposes"... So have cars... Would you like cars banned too? That said drones have been used for many good purposes too, like making people aware of how beautiful nature is and our need to care for it for future generations.

  • The U.S. should not ban drones with cameras

    The U.S. should not ban drones with cameras. But, it should allow suits for invasion of privacy. And, it should allow people who are victimized by drones with cameras to destroy them if they are harassing people. Drones have a purposes, but like anything can be abused. People should not be victimized.

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