Swedish police to question Assange at Ecuadorian embassy: Do foreign authorities have the right question those granted asylum?

  • Yes foreign authorities have the right to question those granted asylum

    Granting asylum to people depend on the situation that arises the immigration of asylum seekers within a time. If is of disaster, then authorities does not need to question who should be given asylum, but if it aggravate from war, like terrorist attack, then more screening should be done to prevent any further attack on innocent people living in that country. In a situation when an asylum seeker come from a terrorist attack zone, then it is appropriate and necessary for intense screening, not just the country giving the asylum, but other foreign authorities within the same continent,in other to prevent any attack within the country given the asylum and neighborhood countries. For example, After the Paris terrorist attack, the attacker came from through immigrated, and after committed such crime, when escape to the neighboring country, and carried another attack, but if necessary screening as been done within by authorities from local and foreign , I believe such situation wouldn't have arise.

  • Yes, they do.

    The Swedish police have the right to question Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy. This is simply because they are in a foreign country and therefore the county's rule and laws must always apply. Hence, i believe that the foreign authorities have the right to question those that are granted asylum.

  • Yes, foreign authorities should have the right to question those granted asylum.

    Yes, foreign authorities should have the right to question those granted asylum, especially in a case like this. Assange is trying to change the outcome of the US presidential election. He should not be able to do this, so Swedish police have every right to question him and prosecute if necessary.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    Is Mr. Assange Swedish? No. Mr. Assange is Australian and has no connection to Sweden and does not speak Swedish. He visited Sweden in August 2010 to give a lecture about the war in Afghanistan (where Swedish forces operate under US command). Ecuador asked Sweden to veto an onwards US extradition or come to the embassy to interview Mr. Assange; Sweden refused both requests. Ecuador granted Mr. Assange asylum thereafter, and now has obligations under international law to protect Mr. Assange. The asylum cannot be revoked.

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