Swiss agency deems Uber drivers to be full employees: Should the US follow suit?

  • Yes the US should follow suit

    Uber are a very aggressive company so anybody who decides to work for them has to expect only the minimum level of treatment. But if people are working full-time for them surely they have the right to become classed as a full employee to get the benefits of that. I think it is a good move by the Swiss and lots of other countries should follow suit.

  • yes it is should

    Switzerland has recently deemed Uber drivers to be full employees. Whether or not America follows suit depends on whether America is ready or not. I was originally under the impression that Uber took on self-employed drivers and took a percentage of their earnings. Surely this would be a more fair way of dealing with this situation. Let the company run itself, not be run.

  • Yes, the United States should consider Uber drivers to be full employees.

    Yes, the United States should follow consider Uber drivers to be full employees. Uber drivers often drive full time for work, and deserve to receive benefits like health insurance, paid time off, family leave, and other perks. Uber should not be able to treat their drivers like slaves just because they have unconventional jobs.

  • Uber drivers are not employees

    Uber drivers fit the classic definition of independent contractors and should be treated as such. Among other things, Uber drivers work when they want, , they use their own vehicles, they are not under supervision by Uber and they pick and choose the jobs they take. There is nothing about that arrangement that points to and employment type situation and if courts in the U.S. starrt finding that they are employees, it is the customers that will suffer the most.

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