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Swiss Court requires Muslim girl to attend swim class: Should a court be able to force Muslims to attend mixed-gender classes?

  • Human rights before religious rights.

    Religion has its place in a person's life but religion shouldn't interfere with the way society runs. In Switzerland, men and women are treated equally and there is no segregation of the sexes. Therefore, any person, of any religion, should expect to have to mix with the opposite sex. Those Muslims girls have a right to be treated as human beings and not separated from other humans.

  • I don't think a court should force anyone to attend mix gender classes

    The Swiss court should not force a Muslim girl to attend a mix-gender class. If it is against her religion to do so then she should not be forced. That is a clear violation of her rights. If there are no same-sex classes offered then she should try to find another school.

  • No, i disgree.

    This is very wrong. A court is not supposed to force Muslims to attend mixed-gender classes. According to the Muslims, it is wrong to expose themselves in certain manners for example swimming or even exposing their hair or body parts. The Swiss Court was wrong in asking the Muslim girl to attend swim class.

  • Muslim children should not be forced to attend mixed swim classes

    A Swiss court ruled that there would be no exception for the children of Muslim parents to a mixed gender swim class requirement. While it makes sense that all children should be required to learn to swim, and that for most children a mixed gender class is not an issue, if parents raise religious objections there should be an option for single gender classes.

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