Swiss Parents Must Send Children to Mixed Swimming Lessons, No Exception for Muslims: Is this a violation of religious freedom?

  • Not just religious freedom but also personal freedom

    It is an authoritarian manner that affects Muslim children. There is no necessity for this, and it is not related to equality! If no religion has special treatment may be Switzerland should remove the obvious religious symbol of its flag. Such hypocrisy! This the problem, you cannot say that you have religious freedom then act otherwise.

  • Swiss violating freedom of religion

    The Swiss law that requires parents to send children to mixed swimming lesson is a violation of religious freedom as we know it in this country. There are no exceptions, despite this being against the beliefs of certain religions, such as Muslims and Orthodox Jews. Although the law may have good intentions, there should be exceptions allowed.

  • No; this is related to curriculum requirements

    While Muslims seem to be most outspoken against the requirement; this is not necessarily a violation of religious freedom, as no one is forced to practice any one form of religion. For example, anyone could make up their own religion of "specific practices" and no authority is in any legal position to tell them the rules do not apply.

  • No, children in Swiss schools should follow their rules.

    I believe that this is not a violation of religious freedom. If Muslim children are attending Swiss schools that are not Muslim schools then they should follow the rules of the school on swimming lessons. If the Muslim children do not want to follow the rules of a school of another faith, then they should attend a Muslim school.

  • No, religious people shouldn't get special treatment

    Just because someone is religious it shouldn't entitle them to do what they want. There is a passage in the Quran that encourages those who find disbelievers to take them in to the street and publicly behead them. Does that mean we should allow muslims to do that as well? At what point does it stop when you let people do what they want "on religious grounds." They should respect Swiss rule because it's the same for everyone, we are all equal.

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