• Yes it is.

    Some might say "this has nothing to do with our fight over here" but really, it does. If enough people go against this ban, it will have a knock-on effect everywhere else. I don`t know the measure of that effect, but there will surely be one. Just as the BSL started somewhere else, it too took off like a virus and spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the world. Now many countries are considering adopting the same or similar proposals.

  • Yes, i agree.

    I think that this laws are too extreme and also unrealistic to some extend. The Obligation for registration of dogs in the AMICUS database, in Bern seems to be so extreme. This should be the choice of the owners where they want their animals to be implanted with a microchip or not.

  • It is what they do.

    In Switzerland, some things are different than they are in the rest of the world. This has saved them a good deal of heartache. For example, they have stayed out of many wars. If the people in Switzerland want to have strict pet ownership laws, that is their choice. The rest of the world shouldn't judge.

  • Pet ownership is a big responsibility.

    While Switzerland's strict pet ownership laws may seem extreme, I think that they are a way to ensure the fair and appropriate treatment of animals. Animals often suffer abuse and neglect from owners not taken their ownership responsibilities seriously. I think that placing strict laws on pet ownership helps to protect animal rights and keep those who are unfit to be pet owners from having pets.

  • Not at all

    All those laws are for the well being of a animal and there is no reason to oppose them.

    Why WOULDN'T you want to chip your dog? If it gets lost and found they can scan the chip and know who the dog belongs to.

    I see no downside to the afore mentioned laws, people say the guinea pigs law is ridiculous yet it is also true, they are highly social animals and they will become unhappy possibly even depressed if they do not have another partner around.

  • Just because it's not your culture doesn't mean it's wrong.

    As long as the decisions are made with good intent, which they wholly appear to be— what could be the fuss? They're trying to prevent loneliness in guinea pigs. That's fine by me. Probably fine by the pigs, too.

    I'm just saying I don't support excessive regulation but I do support good-intended regulation which is clearly what this is.

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