SXSW: Will tech-themed gatherings become more (yes) or less (no) widespread?

  • Yes, they'll sprout like mushrooms

    The more tech becomes part of everyone's lives, the more tech gatherings there will be. Before too long, tech will not be the hobby of the geeky few, but everyday reality for the majority of people. Tech-themed gatherings will sprout like mushrooms all over the country in a few generations.

  • Technology is Expanding

    Technology-themed gatherings and festivals will become more and more widespread as new inventions and devices allow more and more people access to amazing technology. In turn, this will cause people to become more interested in the latest technologies to come, and will cause them to seek out gatherings like SXSW to find the next big thing.

  • SXSW Like Comic-Con

    South by Southwest is becoming like San Diego Comic-Con: it's not just about the music anymore, just like Comic-con isn't just about comics. Any large gathering of culturally-adept people will feature some kind of tech presentations/gatherings/announcements. Festivals like SXSW are easy ways for organizers to make more money with more sponsors and more booths. Plus, the gatherings are easy ways to make more buzzworthy presentations to the gathered masses. It's a win-win for tech companies and consumers.

  • Yes they will

    Yes they will become more tech-themed gatherings happening and more wide spread. People are more dependent on technology to finding new friends, making special interest groups and eventually they will all want to meet each of the different members of these groups also. We all have our interests that are specialized.

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