Syria conflict: Aleppo "humanitarian pause" begins. Will there be lasting peace in the next year?

  • Yes, i hope so.

    The Syrian army has said it is opening eight corridors for civilians to leave, two of which can also be used by rebel fighters provided they leave behind their weapons. Amnesty International meanwhile denounced the temporary truce as “woefully inadequate” and urged the UN General Assembly to act to ensure an end to the siege of Aleppo and attacks on civilians. More than 2,000 people have been wounded since the army launched a new offensive last month aiming to take the entire city, according to the United Nations. Some 400 have been killed.

  • No, there will not be lasting peace in the next year.

    No, there will not be lasting peace in the next year because wars like this take time to end. The fighting has gotten to the point where people are losing their lives everyday and there is no end in sight. It will take much longer than a year to end the war.

  • It seems unlikely.

    There are so many competing parties in the Syrian conflict that it seems very unlikely that a humanitarian pause will do anything other than provide a brief period of relief for those people affected by the violence. Many of the actors including Assad and his Russian allies as well as Islamic State will not back down until their cause is won. This means that the conflict is likely to last for many more years to come.

  • Depends on lasting

    The constant warzone fights will eventually cease, but it's hard to say if Aleppo will soon become a place of eternal, lasting peace. ISIS is dying out and burning apart, so the struggles should subside somewhat, but I find it hard to imagine that Aleppo will somehow become safe within the next year.

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