Syrian refugee arrested in Germany with bomb-maker materials: Should countries have stricter laws on letting in refugees?

  • I feel countries should have strict laws on refugees.

    Helping refugees should be a priority but special laws should be in place to help prevent terrorists from slipping through the cracks. Precautions can be taken to help prevent this while aiding the thousands of peaceful refugees who are simply seeking a safe place to live. It is a difficult topic with many challenges to face in order to do it correctly.

  • Tough call but yes. They should have stricter laws.

    A few bad apples always make it poor for the rest of the bunch, but my answer is yes. In light of all the terroristic things that occur when strange folks start walking up into other people’s countries, the laws should be tighter. That, of course, will also affect the few innocent people who sincerely want to get away from their horrible countries and start over.

  • There are problems.

    Letting in all the refugees sounds like a nice idea. The problem is, there is no history on most of the refugees. The result is that many people are coming just for economic reasons. Or, they are just posing as families so that they can enter Europe. Once they enter, they are impossible to track.

  • Not stricter laws, but more careful vetting.

    I do not believe that countries should be implementing stricter laws on letting refugees into their countries, but rather a more careful and thorough vetting system to determine if any of these refugees will pose a threat to the country. We need to be able to provide care and support for refugees who need a safe place to be, and stricter laws will hinder this help.

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