Syrian refugees are welcomed in Canada. Should The United States be following this gesture?

  • Yes we have to do it.

    If you're sayin that it may be easy for terorists to enter the guise of refugee status, so US should to tighten the security.
    And if you sayin that US is responsible for protecting its own people, US as "The Police Of The WORLD" should protect the syrian refugees too. Cause syrian refugees are pepole in this world that you be the police of them.

  • The US has the ability

    This is the time that we show the world that we have the power to keep balance of the peace. We should be embarrased towards the Arabian countries which our much more poorer than us, but they can take about hundreds and millions of refugees. Dont we call ourselves the " Superpower ", how can we let ourselves be "defeated" by the arabians and even by our neighbour, Canada.

  • It's the right thing to do.

    Syrian refugees are fleeing war, violence and genocide and deserve refuge. The only reason why anyone seems to be opposed is due to biases and discrimination. Just because someone happens to be Muslim does not mean that they are any less deserving of human rights or human dignity. And anyone who calls themselves Christian and suggests only Christians should be welcomed in to the United States should re-read the Bible.

  • No, we should not.

    I want to address what the last comment said about if you call yourself a Christian you have to let these people in. First of all, if you actually read the Bible you would know that God told the nation of Israel to build a wall and protect themselves from people that wanted to kill them! The apostle Paul, in 1 Timothy 5:8 said "A man who doesn't love his family is worse than an unbeliever." How is knowingly letting terrorists into your country caring for them? How many of these unidentified refugees are you going to let into your home? Should we have let the Nazi Germans into America during WWII? If you say yes you've lost your mind, of course we shouldn't have. But it's OK to let ISIS terrorists in? God doesn't want us to destroy our country, and he wants us to protect ourselves! Don't complain when there are major attacks in America, because you wanted them here.

  • The U.S shouldn't have to protect other countries people

    America has problems of its own that it should worry about. Look at the homegrown terrorism we have to deal with here. Why even give terrorist a chance to get in? Good for Canada. America isn't like Canada, so America shouldn't be compared to Canada. And besides, we already have problems with illegal immigrates. I'm not hating on them but that just prove we need better security before we start opening our doors.

  • The United States should not welcome Syrian refugees into the country.

    The United States should not follow Canada's lead by welcoming Syrian refugees. Unfortunately, it may be easy for terrorists to enter under the guise of refugee status. That may put U.S. citizens at risk. Due caution should be used in an endeavor to assist the Syrian refugees, welcoming all people that claim this status would be a dangerous policy.

  • We should not accept refugees at this time

    The United States cannot save the whole world. It would be great if we had the resources right now to help these poor people leaving their homes in search for a safe and healthy life for themselves and their families. I really feel for them. However, I think the United States is stretched too thin right now. Before worrying about people in other countries, we need to be sure the people in our own country have their daily needs met.

  • No the US shouldn't

    The United States should make its own decision regarding refugees from Syria. It shouldn't matter what Canada chooses to do. The US is responsible for protecting its own people not the Canadian people. Whether we should take them or not is a debate, but taking them just because Canada does is silly.

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