Syrian refugees in Lebanon: Should the government of Lebanon continue to allow so many Syrians to come into its country?

  • Lebanon Should Support the Refugee's

    Syria is experiencing a civil war that has put the civilian population at risk. Lebananon, as well as all neighboring countries, has a responsibility to assist refugees seeking safety from a civil war. Lebananon does not have to naturalize them, but providing them with shelter camps would be ideal. Food, shelter, and basic necessities is all these people need. Sending them to a war zone is barbaric.

  • Government of Lebanon.

    Letting refugees in to you country could be a good thing and it could be a bad thing. In life we all have plans to help others but it don't always deliver that way, you have to look at the circumstances of allowing others into your country, will it benefit in the future or will it back fire. How would there be any true America if many of us didn't get accepted.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    I know it is tough on a country to have thousands of refugees scrambling over their borders, but you have to look at it from a human standpoint. These people are looking to get away from something terrible and improve their lives. That's what's most important under these circumstances as usual.

  • Yes they should.

    The Lebanon government has the responsibility to accept any refugees that in can into the nation as it is a moral obligation to help their fellow man. They can set up criteria that they must complete such as renouncing their citizenship to Syria, but they have an obligation to help those in need.

  • They have the right not to allow them in.

    Due to Lebanon being a Hezbollah stronghold, and the fact that the conflict is spilling over the border, we must ask if Lebanon can offer real safety to refugees. Even big old Jordan's refugee camps dwarf all but two major cities. Basically, they have done enough. Good for Lebanon, if they want to let refugees in, but equally the crisis could crush the small nation. They have the right to try to stop refugee movements- as long as there are no serious human rights breaches. It's time the rest of the world stepped up support for UN refugee efforts in Jordan and Iraqi Kurdistan. Israel and Turkey should also help, crucially.

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