• Yes Cellphone are too expensive

    I strongly believe cell phone bills and plans are too expensive and lock you into to big of a contract. The price of the phones are outrageous then you need special plans because you have smart phones and then on top of that all the fees etc. I think the cost are going to continue to rise the more and more new technology and things they come out with.

  • cellular service should be cheaper

    Technology to improve cellular services has improved and so have the types of cell phones that we have in our pockets and purses but the costs have soared. Now so many people are using the cellular services, it is time to make them cheaper so that companies are not making such huge profits out of people, after all, you can no longer get by without a cell phone.

  • Home phones were so inexpensive.

    Yes, cellular service costs too much, because the cell phone makers know that cellular phones are an inelastic good, and that people will pay whatever they have to for them. Before, home phone was about $40 per month. Now that is what we pay for each person in the house. It is out of control.

  • Phones Cheaper now than ever

    I remember when the first phones were emerging, compared to the expenses at this time, phone contracts are extremely cheap now. There never used to be 'unlimited' anything, you used to get caught out by hidden charges and the overall rates were far higher than they are now (in line with inflation). Unfortunately, whatever you sell, people will always want it cheaper, but sometimes it pays dividends to take a step back and see how a product has evolved.

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