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  • No, laptops are better than tablets.

    As someone who has a tablet, I can see a lot of shortcomings with it. There are positives, such as the fact that it's pretty difficult for someone to hack one. But there are many drawbacks, including the navigation being done on the screen, and it being very difficult to type (if using the screen) or select the thing you're attempting to. When you try to surf the Internet with a tablet, you also will often be directed to a different, tablet-optimized website, which may not have all of the features of a website you can see on your laptop (or desktop computer). A laptop is like a miniature computer, offering more ability to get tasks done, such as word processing and browsing official websites. Tablets are good for some things, but mostly just some apps and games--more for entertainment than for work purposes.

  • Laptops are better in a lot of ways.

    While tablets are more portable, laptops are also portable and easier to type on. There are More applications for laptops and more memory. The screen resolution is better. You can often do a lot more on a laptop than you can on a tablet in a shorter amount of time.

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