Taft-Hartley Act: Is the Taft-Hartley Act justified (yes) or should it be repealed (no)?

  • Yes, the bill's provisions are too pro-corporate.

    The Taft-Hartley act has, since 1947, been perpetuating class warfare in America. The only point of this act was to curtail union organizing efforts by limiting strike and boycott activity. It has succeeded in turning Americans against unions and preventing those organizations from acting fully in the best interests of its members.

  • I think the Taft Hartley act is justified.

    Although it repealed some protections against workers, I think most of the repealed protections were to prevent employees from taking too much advantage of the labor unions they were in. I think both employees and companies need protection from being taken advantage of and I don't think there was anything too harmful to the employees in the act.

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