• Yes, the Taiwan legalizing same-sex marriage is a step forward

    It took decades for the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage and America was behind in finally approving this change in law. The Taiwan people are taking a step forward to finally accept same-sex marriage as well. It is in part, a cultural and social obstacle for many people to make this change and some carry strict religious overtones that create barriers also.

  • Yes, it does spell progress that Taiwan is considering a law for same-sex marriages.

    Same-sex couples have just as much of a right to marry as heterosexual couples do. the common arguments against same-sex unions are that they are ungodly, unconstitutional, and that it is a choice to be a homosexual. All three stances are wrong. To just accept that some people are homosexually inclined and make them feel welcome by devising a law to protect their right to love whoever they want to spells progress in my opinion.

  • Equal Rights Always Progress

    Anything that legalizes what should already be considered human rights and equal rights is always a step forward. It's not the end-all, be-all but it is definitely a good step in the right direction for creating a safe space for everyone to be included and eventually get all the equal rights that they deserve.

  • Yes, good for Taiwan.

    This is great news for Taiwan and for the whole world. More and more countries are recognizing that there's no reason that two people of the same sex shouldn't be allowed to get married if they want to. Now countries near Taiwan, like Japan, China and Korea, may look at their example and consider legalizing same-sex marriage as well.

  • Won't help gay rights.

    In fact it will hardened the opposition of countries around the world, that will use Taiwan as a case study as what led Taiwan to this point, they will point to the liberalization of Gay parades and Gay visibility in 2003, and what happens when gays demand more and more to the point of breaking traditional institution. Taiwan will be used as a case study of how demographic changes, declining wages, rising unemployment rates, correlates with the rise of gay liberalism, it won't end well, and legalizing gay marriage means gays will have to be out of the spotlight as they have nothing left to protest for after, and once gays are normalize, they are really nothing special, and their gay activities will not be tolerated as something normal. Gays should not think they can have their cake and eat it too, or they might just get a Donald Trump.

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