Takata Airbag Recall: Are vehicle-related recalls getting out of hand?

  • Consumer Should Be Able To Return

    I firmly believe consumers do not have enough control when it comes to purchasing a car. Almost every car manufactured is later recalled for some problem. Consumers should have the right to return these faulty pieces of equipment. I think the auto industry needs to get it right or face the consequences.

  • Yes, vehicle-related recalls are getting out of hand.

    Vehicle-related recalls are getting out of hand. These companies should be able to produce quality vehicles. We, as consumers, should not have to worry about these types of safety features failing us when we need them to work. It is a shame that so many unnecessary injuries and deaths have occurred thus far.

  • No they are not

    If there is a problem with a car then a recall is the right thing to do. What is getting out of hand is that vehicle manufacturer's are in such a hurry to get a car out that they don't check the car properly. This is what needs to change.

  • No vehicle-related recalls for the airbag issue is not getting out of hand.

    This issue needs to be addressed for the safety of the people in the car. I believe it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to be sure the airbags are safe. If they just let it go and have people get injured or die they would be at fault. It is a hassle to recall so many cars but it is safer and the right thing to do.

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