Takata recalls defective airbags: Would you buy a car with a Takata airbag?

  • I would buy a car with a Takata airbag.

    Aside from not knowing what cars specifically have this particular brand of airbag, they have recalled them and are most likely replacing them. I would want to know whether the car I'm purchasing has this brand, and if it has been replaced already or if they will be replacing at no charge to me. If they are not, I would require a significant discount on the car and take care of it myself.

  • Trusting an airbag is an important safety consideration

    No, I would not buy a car with a potentially defective airbag. There are too many risks to even take a chance when Takata, the manufacturer of the airbags, has already admitted producing a defective product and acted to recall. It is good they have been recalled but, in a mass production situation, it is likely that a few have been installed into cars that are now on the market. I would ask what type of airbag is in the car I was about to purchase.

  • No, Takata airbags should all be replaced

    No, I would not purchase a car with a Takata airbag. Because the known deployment issue is inconsistent, all Takata airbags should be removed and replaced immediately. Even a deep discount on the vehicle would not sway me to make the purchase, as there is no way to tell which airbags are defective and which are not.

  • Disagree, airbags defective

    Disagree, with buying a car with Takata airbags. It has been proven the airbags are defective, and many people have been hurt. It has also been shown that the bag explodes and, glass , fragments and other particals have cut people. I cannot buy this car at this present time.

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