• She's sassy and seems like a good fit

    Tamar Braxton seems like she would be a good fit for the New Steve Harvey show. She's sassy and has plenty of personality and attitude, plus she's used to being on a tv talk show, so it's not a huge change for her. She's been on the Real since 2013 and is obviously used to being in the public eye. If she's been on TV that long, it's a decent guess that she has a public following, so she's probably not a bad pick.

  • Yes, she is

    She has her head on her shoulders and knows what she wants to do. She sounds reasonable and has given us reason to be trustworthy, plus she has talent and good looks. She is a good pick, though she can be very unsavory at times and many people dislike her.

  • She will be fine

    She'll be a fine addition to the show. She is quick witted and seems to have a pleasant personality that will carry her through the beginning stages and any awkwardness. It should liven the show up to get some fresh blood in there, it has been awhile since the pot was stirred

  • No, she definitely needs a co-host or co-hosts to balance out her attitude.

    He went into savor mode because he felt sorry for her. It's a cape move that won't pan out. Tamar only appeals to certain audiences and those aren't people who respond with cash. If she would just humble herself. She's too old to act the way that she does...And they keep babying her & letting her get away with it. Or as I call it, catering to her ego. She needs to be brought down a few notches.

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