Tampa Bay loses Game 1: Can they make a comeback to win the Stanley Cup?

  • yes. They can make a comeback

    Tampa Bay can make a comeback to win the Stanley Cup after losing game 1. There is a reason you have to win a best of 7 series in Hockey. One game shouldn't determine who wins the championship. They play so many games over the regular season that it would be cheating the players to have the playoff structure that way. They've got plenty of time to make a comeback.

  • Tampa Bay is still in it for the Cup

    I definitely believe that Tampa Bay could still win the Stanley Cup. With this loss they will have to take a hard look at what they did wrong and fix those mistakes. I think they can do that quickly enough to be an effective team still. Also, with this loss they will feel more motivated to play better in the future and hopefully that will give them the boost they need.

  • Yes, Tampa Bay Can Make a Comeback to Win the Stanley Cup

    Tampa Bay has played well throughout the entire Stanley Cup playoffs. Even though all of their series have gone to at least six games, they have been able to produce offense and score goals when they've needed to. They have even had some relatively high scoring games when it comes to the playoffs (5-6 goals). Their goalie and defense played very well against the Rangers, shutting them out in two games. Tampa Bay can produce offense when needed and is able to play through in clutch situations. I believe they can give the Blackhawks a run for their money.

  • Tampa Bay Should Call it Quits

    Tampa Bay proved last night that it has no interest in winning the Stanley Cup. Their guys barely even put up a fight. The Hawks came so close to being out of the series, they won't lose again. Tampa Bay might as well throw in the towel now. Last night, it seemed like they already had.

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