Tardy policy helps or hurts teen in high school?

Asked by: hackettkirsten8
  • Yes, tardy teaches us nothing, being on time shows us life lessons.

    During school many kids don't want to go to their classes but want kid does. I hate school, but being late to my classes is worse. When late you miss the news that you might have a test, or quiz. This could effect you in the long run with not knowing when to study and when to goof off. This causes many kids to fall behind. Though the weather my affect if your late or on time, the teachers should understand that you were driving or on the bus, and for your first hour class you won't have that marked against you. Though when you are late to other classes constantly that is when if you have three tardies you have to go to detention or do a job that the teacher assigns you. This teaches us teen kids to follow the schedule that has been set up, like a work schedule, school is a job. Just without the pay, you need to follow the rules here like you would at the place you work.

  • Well not particularly either, but it hurts more than harms.

    Our time in the classroom is not the time we needed. In the end, does it honestly matter if a student is late to a facility, if all that facility teaches is mindless obedience. Public education teaches how to "live an ordinary life" not intellect, concept, theory, or innovation. But what is an ordinary life? They do not accomplish anything. They lived plainly and without cause.

    Grow up, get married, have children, work a job? It has already been done- billions of times in fact. Where is the originality? Why are our schools teaching us what to think instead of -how- to think? "The real world," is a pathetic excuse for the simple lack of creativity.

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