Tarek el Moussa: Will the Court award spousal support to Tarek El Moussa?

  • Yes, the courts will.

    Yes, in the case of Tarek and Christina el Moussa, a very high-profile, financially successful couple who starred in their own television show about flipping houses, the courts will likely award him spousal support. The couple is very wealthy. If she's making more than he is, then she will have to pay support.

  • I don't think the court will grant spousal support

    I don't understand why he thinks it is ok for him to ask for spousal support but at the same time she can't ask him for it. Plus they have kids so they should be the main priority anyway. Legally I don't fully understand why he is allowed to ask for this support, but my gut instinct is that he shouldn't be able to and I hope the court say no.

  • She doesn't need it.

    There are two factors to consider when deciding whether someone should receive spousal support. The first factor is the ability to pay. El Moussa's ex certainly could pay her. But the second factor is need. El Moussa is able to earn an income on her own. She doesn't need handouts from someone else to make ends meet.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    So, he is seeking spousal support but wants to block her access to his money, they are still trying to work together under those circumstances and they think viewers want to watch the tension that will definitely be there between them? I don't think so. Cancel the show, they are dunzo. Especially because Christina has a penchant for expensive bags, shoes and sunglasses. He wants her money and she is supposed to work with him? Yeah, right.

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