Tattoo competition crowns first woman champion: Are female tattoo artists neglected?

  • It's a man's world

    When most people think of a tattoo artist, they think of a heavily inked man. For a long time, there really weren't many female tattoo artists. This has led to women having to fight their way to the top, just like in many other occupations in this world. It's time to realize that woman really can do things as well as men!

  • Yes, female tattoo artists do not receive the respect they deserve.

    Yes, female tattoo artists do not receive the respect they deserve. That tattoo artistry industry is heavily dominated by men, and men get the most recognition by far in this field. Women have the ability to be just as artistic as men, and they should be treated with more respect.

  • I think female tattoo artists are neglected.

    I am unaware of a female tattoo artists name and can't identify one if you put her in front of me. That tells me that they do not receive the attention or the publicity that male tattoo artists do. This seems to be a common theme anymore: women are less known or identifiable in certain fields and occupations.

  • Yes I expect they are neglected

    The world still has a long way to go with equality and I expect the world of tattoo competitions has been no different in the past that men may have done better than women without real reason. This award shows the changes of the times and it is great to see.

  • Theyre not neglected

    There just simply not as many female tattoo artists as there are male ones, female tattoo artists can be extremely good, but there arent many of them compared to male artists. And saying that male tattoo artists win competitions because theyre men is just plain wrong, they win cause they have the skill to win.

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