Tax exemption for churches: Are tax exemptions for churches justified?

  • They are beneficial to society.

    Usually church is organization in local towns. These orginization are help full to society by teaching moral things. And it takes up lots of money to maintain these things. For example a church that sponsors soccer team on regular basis for lil kids is only benefiting the kids of the town. so i think they should be tax exempt.

  • Violation of the establishment clause

    Given religious organizations tax exemption is favoring them over non-religious organizations. Hence it is unconstitutional. There is so much more money we could get in revenue if we just started taxing churches and other religious organizations.

    The argument that "the power to tax means the power to destroy" doesn't apply here. As long as religious organizations aren't being taxed any differently than other organizations it's equal and there is no way to use taxation to destroy religion as long as it's just the same taxes that everyone else has to pay.

    In fact since tax exemption is predicated upon staying out of politics in a sense tax exemption is the power to destroy. Churches face the hard decision of whether to pay taxes or shut up about their politics. If we eliminated the tax exemption then this wouldn't even be a question. Eliminating the tax exemption may lead to freer speech and expression in religious institutions, because they don't have to worry about losing an exemption they don't have.

  • Churches should be taxed.

    I think that churches should only have tax exemptions that apply to any other non-profit organization, and should not be held to a different standard simply because they are religious institutions. Or conversely, I think that all non-profits should have a similar tax exempt status to churches to make things more fair.

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