Tax incentives for marriage: Should getting married be incentivized by tax incentives?

  • Tax it or subsidize itt

    Tax it if you want less ,subsidize it if you want more . Obviously Gov. studies show that the fundamentals and building blocks for a vibriant healthy productive society is for one man to stay married to one woman in a monogamous relationship then raise kids and in a two parent home .Gov. Wants to encourage that kind of behavior thus bettering society, and the country.

  • No there shouldn't

    I do not think that people should be bribed into getting married. I think that the true intentions of getting married, like love, are the only reasons that people need in order to get married. Tax incentives would of course be nice for people who decided to get married, but with the percentage of marriages that end in divorce, I do not think that there should be any incentives for people to get married.

  • Married couples shouldn't have an unfair advantages

    If our country was founded on the idea of all people being created equal, why are some groups still treated more equally than others? There are plenty of non-married, long-term relationships out there, that deserve to be treated the same. Not to mention all those not in a relationship at all. Marriage is a promise between 2 people, and the government should stay out of it, in all areas. It's not something to be incentivized or penalized.

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